DIEU won the Doosan Credo Award in 2020

This award is given annually to employees or organization within Doosan Group who demonstrated Doosan Credo during the work and achieved business impact. Our success in CEMEX tender has earned DIEU the Doosan Credo Award this year, as our customer-oriented approach and strong teamwork within DIEU have been valued by top management team as a good exemplary case of Doosan Credo.

In 2019, DIEU won a major bid from CEMEX, a global leader in cement and aggregate industry. We listened carefully to stringent customer requirements for products and services, and worked in strong team work to successfully meet customer expectations.

Our success in CEMEX clearly demonstrates our product excellence, as well as our excellence in product support, powered by a strong dealer network in Europe. Internally within DIEU, this project gave DIEU an opportunity to strengthen Key Account business organization, and to streamline business processes and IT systems to better serve Key Account customer needs. It also contributed to improving Doosan’s brand awareness in Key Account market.

I sincerely appreciate the dedication of entire DIEU team on CEMEX project, and would like to celebrate this good news together. Thank you, and congratulations.

The Doosan Credo

A resolute vision, the Doosan Credo unifies our employees worldwide, providing the direction in which we march together toward the future. Our shared aspiration is to be a global leader that provides world-class products and services that employees, customers, shareholders, and other stockholders can trust and take pride in. The Doosan Credo places the highest importance on people, integrity, innovation, and delivering value to our customers and partners

Doosan Infracore President & CEO Sohn Dong Youn