Novatron/Moba Xsite Ready Options

Ready kit includes the necessary brackets and harnessing to allow for an easy aftermarket completion of an Xsite® 2D Semi-Automation machine control system

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Equip your excavator to meet the demands of tomorrow

The automated boom, arm and bucket functions in the Xsite 2D Semi-Automation system enable grading against target level and slope requiring only single lever operation to control movement and speed. The Xsite 2D Semi-Automation system also provides integrated machine guidance, measuring depth, distance and slope, to show the operator the elevation of their bucket, so they do not have to interrupt their work for grade checking. The bucket assist function locks the bucket orientation to assist in loading work and other applications. The system also sets movement boundaries and limits for the boom, arm and bucket movement.

Ready kit provides flexibility

The ready kit option gives a customer flexibility as they are not obliged to install the complete Xsite 2D Semi-Automation system immediately. The customer’s excavator will have the main brackets and wiring installed in readiness for the rest of the automation system to be added at a later date. They enable a faster and simplified installation of the Xsite 2D Semi-Automation system components with very little or no welding, re-painting, drilling or disassembly required.

The benefits of the Novatron/Moba Xsite® pro machine guidance system

  • The work gets done more efficiently and quickly as the operator can concentrate more on doing productive work. Less time spent on the contract means cost savings in terms of employees, fuel and machinery.
  • No grade checking and jumping off the machine.
  • No excess cutting or filling. Material and transportation costs decrease and transporting extra materials is no longer necessary.
  • A higher level of accuracy results in more uniform quality of work throughout the contract. Machine control turns a good machine operator into a great operator!
  • Improved job site security as surveying close to work machinery or during excavations is reduced.
  • The system guides the operator in all weather conditions, thereby making the work easier, especially in poor conditions such as in the rain or in darkness.

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