Leica Ready Options

The Leica-ready 3D machine control system not only boosts your productivity, it also offers unmatched flexibility. 

In brief, it will revolutionize the way you move dirt and fine-grade!
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Leica Geosystems for excavator 3D solution

Boost your productivity

Digitize your construction site with Leica Geosystems software and hardware platform to build complex designs with simpler workflows and less downtime.


Simple, clean and intuitive user interface with interactive user design. The assistive technology with wizards and help functions helps you drive the excavator and get more work done with high quality and less rework.

Robust design

With their robust design, the Leica MCP80 panel and the Leica MDS series docking station are prepared for the harshest environments and are truly resilient for the heavy construction industry.

Ultimate accuracy

Leica Geosystems machine control solution guides the operator using reference models and GNSS in 3D. Design information and real-time cut/fill indications are displayed in the cab on your control panel, allowing you to rapidly excavate to the reference design.

Less downtime

The operator can use the Create Model function to make even complex models directly on the panel without leaving the cab and without the assistance of a surveying engineer.

Cost and Time Savings

The sync function allows the excavator operator to work on the latest up-to-date design data. The operator collects and shares as-built data and can receive remote support via ConX. Therefore, thanks to ConX, the project manager of the construction site can track the productivity for the work that has been performed and have a real-time snapshot of the construction site’s latest status.

What is 3D Leica Ready?

3D Leica Ready is an option on the existing Doosan excavators portfolio from 14 ton up.

Value add for Leica

  • Less failure on standardized process
  • Easier to calibrate
  • Save time
  • No cables falling around

Value add for Doosan

  • Professional factory installation
  • Save time for the dealers to prepare machine for the customers
  • Standardized production process
  • Delivering constant quality

3D Leica Ready Benefit

  • Consistent routing for the installation
  • Right position of the sensor
  • No need to look for the right location
  • Tidy look on the in-cab machine – cables are placed under a plastic panel

3D Leica Ready – Components’ kits: no product but installation!

  • Cables
  • Sensors
  • Brackets
  • Junction box

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