Engcon control system kit

Tiltrotators - an excavator’s flexible wrist - have become a given concept in the excavation business.

Simply tilt and rotate the bucket or other tools for higher efficiency.
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Engcon tiltrotators feature a cast body, which is stronger and lighter than the welded equivalents.

Tiltrotator benefits

  • Do more from one spot and reduce the need to reposition the excavator
  • Reduce working time by up to 50%
  • Save fuel and environment
  • Less need of manual labor
  • Less damage to the ground
  • Less wear on the undercarriage
  • Save material
  • Make work easier and safer for the operator and increase safety around the machine
  • Reduce the need to close roads and other digging areas

Engcon profitable choices

QSC Standardized locking system

A system that minimizes the risk of activating the wrong button or function when releasing the excavator’s bucket or other tools.

MIG2 Joysticks

Engcon’s MIG2 joysticks combine maximum ergonomics and functionality. One joystick can be fitted with 3 rollers and 7 buttons – twice as many with 2 joysticks – giving the operator maximum efficiency. The roller controls are intended to be used by thumb, index and middle fingers – the operator can combine 6 rollers simultaneously. An integrated hand support can be adapted to different hand sizes.

DC2 Control system

DC2 meets the high safety standards that place high demands on hydraulics, electronics and software. It offers the option of track control and wheel steering as well as moving the boom. A smartphone app adds a remote control function as a complement to PC and USB cable connection.

ePS Positioning system

Reduces the need for a ‘conventional’ set-up, and the operator can see the exact excavation area via the machine control system’s display in the cab. Works together with major machine guidance system brands.

Q-Safe Quick hitch

The world’s safest quick hitch. With Q-Safe™, connecting the tool incorrectly due to ‘human error’ is no longer possible. The bucket or tool must achieve a certain ground contact pressure to allow connection or removal.

EC-Oil Automatic Quick Hitch System

EC-Oil makes connecting the tiltrotator under the excavator’s quick coupler quick and easy; you can then connect hydraulic or mechanical tools under the tiltrotator. And all without leaving the cab! In addition to the tiltrotator, EC-Oil also connects all hydraulic tools such as sorting grapples, compactor plates, pallet forks, hammers/breakers, etc. without having to leave the cab.

Detachable grab

An alternative to the conventional fixed gripper, the detachable gripper cassette (GRD) offers the benefit of being retrospectively fitted to the Q-Safe-D hitch.

Doosan DX165W + Engcon control system kit

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