This new 40-tonne excavator offers the strength and productivity needed for heavy-duty work such as large-scale earthmoving, moving rock, pulling down buildings, secondary breaking, loading haulers, and pipeline projects found on quarrying and mining, highway, aggregate, demolition, utility and general construction projects. 

In addition to the fuel-efficient Scania engines, new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced that together lead to huge reductions in fuel consumption – amounting to an average of -6% to -13% compared to the Stage IIIB machines.
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Machine Specs

Operating weight 42.600 kg
Engine Scania DC13
Engine power 257 kW (344.6 HP)@ 1800 rpm (SAE J1995)
Main pumps max flow 2 x 335 l/m
Number of cylinders 6
Travel speed 3.1 / 5.1 km/h
Maximum traction 34.8 ton
Buckets 1.44 – 2.16 m³
Sound level (internal / external) 71 dB(A) - 106 dB(A)
Overall width 3350 / 3000 mm (Narrow)
Overall height (Std Front) 3455 mm
Overall length (Std Front) 11750 mm
Tail swing radius 3760 mm
Bucket digging force 24.2 t
Arm digging force (Std Front) 19.3 t
Max. digging reach (Std Front) 11495 mm
Max. digging depth (Std Front) 7740 mm
Max. digging height (Std Front) 10820 mm

Options & Attachments

Quick Coupler

Part name Part # Pin Diameter (mm) Min - Max Centers (x - y )mm) Base Width  (mm) Weight  (kg (lbs))
33 - 46t Quick Coupler QC110 (H) 110 565 - 645 390 1589 (721)


Part name Part # Width (mm) Capacity (m3) Weight (kg)
Bucket H52-1800 H52-1800 1800 2,24 2291

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