The DX140LC-5 model sets a new benchmark for this class of excavator worldwide.

Compared to the previous generation machine, the DX140LC-5’s performance improvements include a 5% increase in engine power, and 4% greater torque. In addition, traction has been boosted with an increase in drawbar pull of about 18%; and front lifting capacity has been increased. The machine also boasts 3% less fuel consumption.

The Perkins 1204F engine − the heart of the new DX140LC-5 − provides the power and torque of larger engines with a smaller displacement. Plus, the engine guarantees trouble-free operation by meeting Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

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Machine Specs

Operating weight 14.400 kg
Engine Perkins 4.5
Engine power 85.9kW(117PS, 115HP) @2000rpm
Main pumps max flow 2 x 114/m
Number of cylinders 4
Travel speed 5.0/3.0 km/h
Maximum traction 12.6 Ton / 122 kN
Buckets 0.24 – 0.76 m³
Sound level (internal / external) 70 dB(A) - 99 dB(A)
Overall width 2590 mm
Overall height (Std Front) 3180 mm
Overall length (Std Front) 7640 mm
Tail swing radius 2205 mm
Bucket digging force 11 t
Arm digging force (Std Front) 6 t
Max. digging reach (Std Front) 8665 mm
Max. digging depth (Std Front) 6135 mm
Max. digging height (Std Front) 8745 mm

Options & Attachments

Quick Coupler

Part name Part # Pin Diameter (mm) Min - Max Centers (x - y )mm) Base Width  (mm) Weight  (kg (lbs))
11-17t Quick Coupler QC60 (H) (M) 60 280 - 480 160/210/250 330 (150)
11-15t Quick Coupler QC65 (H) (M) 65 355 - 490 220/250 377 (171)


Part name Part # Width (mm) Capacity (m3) Weight (kg)
Bucket H14-1200 H14-1200 1200 0,58 592

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