Boost your productivity with the new DL200-7 Doosan wheel loader. Exceptional power – combined with the finest workmanship – results in a machine that performs at the highest level.

The DL200-7 enhances your output from every angle. Impressive breakout force and high traction make penetration easy and allow you to tackle the hardest materials. Powerful hydraulic system makes work quick and efficient. Perkins 1204J engine provides the power you need while meeting Stage V environmental regulations. The combination of these features gives Doosan wheel loaders excellent penetration power, ensuring optimum bucket load in each cycle.

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Redesigned bucket with enlarged capacity

  • Up to 7% larger capacity than standard bucket.
  • Easy and faster loading.

Faster and easier loading ensure better performance and lower fuel consumption.

Larger standard bucket boosts your productivity to a higher level.

The new Doosan bucket range offers a wider choice of options to ensure the work tool matches its application and be a valuable resource for improving production.

Make the best choice for your Doosan wheel loader!


Electro-hydraulic control (EMCV)

  • Smoother and precise lift arm and attachment movement control.
  • Various options for settings.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic position of joystick.

EMCV (Electric main control valve)

Main control valve is electro-hydraulic actuated type. Based on the electrical command coming from electrical joystick operation in the cab, proportional solenoids direct pilot flow to shift the spools within the control valve, for control of front drive functions.

Benefits of E-MCV

  • Automatic Return-to-Dig
  • Bucket Tilt Kick-out
  • Smoother operation of boom and bucket due to automated acceleration and deceleration control features
  • Less effort when operating with Electronic type joystick (fingertip lever as soon as available)
  • Bucket crowd stop position 
  • Adjustable maximum speed​
  • Adjustable metering characteristic

Load Isolation System

  • Hydro-pneumatic cushion system.
  • Less stress for structure – longer machine life = less downtime
  • Less shaking – Higher operator comfort = higher productivity

The LIS (Load Isolation System) provides a smoother ride and comfort for the operator, as well as higher productivity due to improved vehicle stability in movement. The lift arm is cushioned by a hydro-pneumatic accumulator linked to the lift hydraulic system – shock absorber.

  • Doosan LIS system enables the operator to set each state (Forward/Reverse) speed of the LIS
  • Up to 50% increase in volume of LIS accumulator provides higher performance
  • The benefits are reduced cycle times, higher productivity, and better fuel efficiency while performing load and carry applications.
  • Less stress for structure – longer machine life = less downtime
  • Less shaking – Higher operator comfort = higher productivity
  • No loss of material during travelling – clean surface, no extra cleaning job
  • Higher travel speed – shorter cycle time = higher productivity
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Stage V engine

  • SCR + DOC + DPF
  • No extra fuel for DPF regeneration
  • No EGR - resulting in better fuel efficiency

Regulations are met by using mainly a selective catalyst reduction and also an extended life diesel particulate filter, with a fully automatic regeneration process designed to manage itself, without operator action.

Removing EGR from the engine – only fresh air in combustion – leads to much better fuel consumption and fewer particulars in exhaust.

  • No EGR system has better dynamic characteristics and fuel efficiency by increasing air intake volume and the combustion efficiency. Also provides a simpler layout.
  • EGR eliminated on Stage V engine thanks to better efficiency in SCR system.
  • No EGR system provides high engine-output NOx and low engine-output PM, maximizing passive regeneration performance compared to EGR system.
  • No EGR system shows better dynamic characteristics of the equipment from increased air volume and higher fuel efficiency from increased combustion efficiency.

*Please note that specifications may vary from country to country, model to model. For detail, contact your dealer.


Electro-hydraulic control (EMCV)

  • Smoother and precise lift arm and attachment movement control.
  • Various options for settings.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic position of joystick.

EMCV (Electric main control valve)

With a new electronically controlled hydraulic main valve (EMCV) we bring higher controllability and many options for user settings.

  • Arm and bucket sensitivity
  • Arm and bucket shock prevention
  • Return to dig with movement combination

We are using load sensing hydraulics – very fine, smooth and precise system, which also help to reduce fuel consumption.

Electronic joystick

Reduce your cycle times with a fully integrated electronic joystick in the right armrest. Sensitivity settings and shock prevention are designed to ensure maximum machine controllability and operator comfort. Less movement for repetitive tasks with auto-leveling function.

  • Electronic Joystick newly designed for DL-7 series, which provides proportional and constant 3rd function valve control.
  • Designed to give the operator more precise control with shorter lever stroke, resulting in less fatigue.
  • The hydraulic flow and speed can also be customized to the operator’s preference, behavior or special needs.

*Please note that specifications may vary from country to country, model to model. For detail, contact your dealer.


Doosan Smart Guidance System (DSGS)

  • Analyzes the driving habits and behaviour of the operator in real-time.
  • Helps operator boost productivity and save fuel.

Doosan Smart Guidance System (DSGS) is a feature which analyzes the driving habits and behavior of the operator and helps the operator achieve fuel-efficient operation.

  • Score and guide according to operator’s driving pattern
  • Guide to fuel economy, efficiency and durability by category
  • Vehicle optimization setting guide based on driver driving pattern
  • On / Off available in user menu

The Score-Graph shows the level of efficiency

  • Orange, 0-50% = settings improvements highly recommended
  • Yellow, 50-70% = settings improvements recommended
  • Green, 70-100% = good operating and settings

Auto Idle & Auto Shut-down

  • Significantly reduced fuel consumption during waiting periods.

Two simple, but clever, features which can significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Auto Idle

  • When a machine is idling, especially when no hydraulic system needs to work, the engine RPM can reduce further and save fuel before going to Auto Shutdown or awaken to get ready for an operation.
  • Auto Engine Idling is activated if the operator does not give any input to the steering wheel and the boom & bucket for longer than 10 seconds, which reduces the idle RPM from 950 to 750.

Auto Shut-down

  • The Auto Shutdown feature saves fuel, saves warranty hours, and helps customers meet California regulations for idling (only 5 minutes for off-highway machines). When the feature is enabled, the engine shuts down after it has been idling for a specified amount of time (from 3 to 60 minutes, configurable by operator).
  • Time period settable in Doosan Smart Touch
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Cooling package

  • Easy to clean
  • Less risk of clogging
  • Cooling system performs constantly and minimizes machine downtime.

Wide fin radiator

Up to 40% wider fins pitch cooler was applied to improve maintainability and less downtime

  • The wide fin pitch protects the radiator from becoming clogged in all of your applications.
  • Keeps the cooling system performing constantly and minimizes machine downtime.
  • Easy access is ensured by upper hinge grille opening.

Reversible fan

  • Hydraulically driven with variable speed
  • Fan speed proportional to temperature
  • Fully openable fan* – the best access to radiators
  • Automatic reverse function settable from 15 to 120 min in 8“ touch screen

*Please note that specifications may vary from country to country, model to model. For detail, contact your dealer.


Heavy duty axles and frame structure

  • Longer lifetime
  • Less down time

Heavy-duty components

Heavy-duty axles

New stronger axles allow you to carry more.

In order to have larger bucket and improve versatility with various applications, the all new DL-7 wheel loaders are built with heavy-duty axles.

Brakes located in final reduction where the rotation speed is lower. The discs are exposed to lower rpm and heat generation is reduced - greatly extending the lifetime of the discs.


Durable and rugged structure designed by full 3D CAD, through a solid modelling followed by computer-aided structure analysis.

Articulation design provides excellent load distribution, rigidity, durability and structure life.

Large center bearings are self-centering, double-tapered roller bearings distribute vertical and horizontal loads over a larger area. They have dust seals and covers and they are vented to prevent grease overfill.

*Please note that specifications may vary from country to country, model to model. For detail, contact your dealer.


3yrs/5000hrs warranty

  • Investment protection


To prove our trust and the high reliability and quality of our new wheel loaders, we offer a basic 3 years and 5000 hours full warranty.*

*Please note that specifications may vary from country to country, model to model. For detail, contact your dealer.

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Luxury chair

  • Improved high comfortable seat with vertical and horizontal low frequency suspension, pneumatic lumbar support, heating and 3-point safety belt

Seat with 3-point safety belt

Have a seat on one of the market’s luxury seats, with high backrest, two suspensions and multiple settings to adapt seat to every operator.

Operator safety is at the heart of our concerns - that's why we implemented a 3-point safety belt as standard on your machine.


Air compressor

  • Keeps your working environment nice and clean
  • Easier and faster daily maintenance.

Electric air compressor available from factory

  • Activation button in cab
  • Air coupling in cab and on right platform

Easy on-side maintenance and cleaning

  • Filter.
  • Radiator.
  • Greasing gun.
  • Cab cleaning.

All-round visibility

  • Rear view mirrors
  • Rear view camera

Rear-view camera

As standard, we equipped all wheel loaders with a color rear-view camera.

Camera is fully integrated in rear grid - best protection in rough conditions.

Rear-view mirror

Larger mirrors extend operator's view on the sides and rear - providing maximum safety for pedestrians and machine and improving productivity at the same time.

For higher operator comfort and safety, we offer electric adjustment for rear-view mirror.


Improved operator environment

  • Intuitive controls help to reduce fatigue and stress during demanding jobs.
  • Plenty of storage space for your kit

Larger, quieter and more comfortable operator environment, which improves safety and productivity and helps the operator work with high concentration and less stress.

Designed around operator for:

  • Maximal comfort
    • New design of air outlet and higher performance HVAC
    • Adjustable steering column
    • Big storage compartment
    • Air compressor outlet for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic control
    • New dashboard
    • Integrated joystick in right armrest
    • Adjustable position of Doosan Smart Touch
  • Maximum safety
    • ROPS and FOPS cab
    • 3-point safety belt
    • Safety hammer
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Lift arm

  • Z-kinematic for maximum breakout force and lifting capacity.
  • Optional high lift arm for higher dump height.


"Z" kinematic delivers a huge break-out force, especially for heavy materials, and a large dump angle for unloading sticky materials efficiently.

For better versatility and higher dump height when it’s needed, high lift arm with "Z" kinematic is available on Doosan wheel loaders.


3rd and 4th spool valve

  • Constant flow for hydraulically driven attachment

All of our wheel loaders are equipped as standard with 3rd spool valve with settable flow and detent function.

Via the proportional switch on the joystick, the operator can easily and comfortably control the hydraulic attachment.

  • High dump bucket
  • Sweeper
  • Clamp
  • Silage forks

Additional counterweight

  • More variety of applications and working tools thanks to additional counterweight.

More variety of applications and working tools thanks to more versions of additional counterweight.

Improve your:

  • Safety – good stability protects operator and machine
  • Productivity – faster cycle times
  • Versatility – high dump bucket and quick coupler

Wide range of working tools

  • Right choice for your Doosan wheel loader.
  • Suitable for all tough jobs.


  • A genuine Doosan bucket is the best fit for a Doosan Wheel Loader: Your bucket and your wheel loader are a single machine, not separate entities. Kinematics, breakout force, capacity, material retention, operator vision - our engineers optimize the bucket's performance in every aspect to maximize your productivity.


  • The Doosan range of configurable buckets offers you the possibility to configure the bucket that matches your application perfectly. Your Doosan dealer will help you configure it for your application - so that you maximize your productivity and get the level of protection you need.


  • This new range gives you access to buckets with higher capacities on the DL-7 Series - so you have more possibilities to optimize the bucket size for the density of your material.

Tire options

  • Wide range of brand and type fully suitable to your tough job.


Various brands of tires are provided as options for a wide range of conditions and applications.

DL-7 Series use several bias and radial tire options available from various global tire makers, for a wide range of conditions and applications.

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New exterior design concept

  • Family-look design of the entire line-up.
  • Innovative cover design.

The new model has won Germany's 2020 iF Design Award, one of the world's top 3 design awards, in recognition of its innovative design, which highlights a 3-dimensional effect and the equipment’s dynamism. At the end of 2019, the model won the “Best of the Best” in the Korean PIN UP Design Awards. The new design concept has been applied to all 10 models of the DL-7 series as a family look.

The DL-7 Series inherits and upgrades the Doosan Design Identity to improve the design value of Doosan's products. The model name decal has a new font with improved visibility, thanks to a garnish-shaped side string to harmonize with the side cover design. This is the first model to apply the new Kairos Orange color, which represents the confidence, safety and enthusiasm of Doosan Infracore.


New innovative cab styling

  • Design shape is inspired by soaring eagle wing to visually imply Robust, Powerful and Agile concept.

New innovative cab design

Re-designed interior offers much larger, quieter and more comfortable operator environment, which improves safety and productivity and helps the operator work with high concentration. Increased leg room, enlarged storage area and cool-box position, and improved air conditioning system (with optimized air circulation) enhance operator comfort. In addition, a storage space interlocked with the USB charging port increase the operator's convenience.

Design shape is inspired by a soaring eagle wing to visually imply Robustness, Power and Agility. Plus, the low-gloss, light grey paint applied to the interior trim enhances Perceived Quality.


Enhanced visibility

  • Larger windshield area for a better view.
  • Be more productive with less effort thanks to clear all-around visibility.

You can be more productive with less effort, when you can see clearly what is happening around you. The wide, flat, distortion-free windshield provides an unmatched view of your surroundings. The new interior design has improved the operator’s visibility by enlarging windows by up to 14%.

Completely re-designed cab improves operator comfort and safety. Enlarged front windshield, from the top of the ROPS cab to the floor, for excellent bucket and front tire visibility.

Full glass door improves visibility on the left side.


New innovative exhaust design

  • Modern look and robust design.
  • Simple cooling for the engine.
  • Prevents the deposition of flammable particles on hot parts.

Chimney styling underlines the strong and stylish machine silhouette

Easy circulation of air in engine compartment thanks to venturi effect (chimney effect)

  • Hot exhaust gas quickly sucks out air from engine compartment.

Full fenders

  • Keep machine clean and avoid mud splashing on the windows.
  • Allow easy and safe access to maintenance points.


New front fenders

  • We redesigned the front fenders for better windshield protection.
    • Wider and longer steel part protects the upper part, and enlarged rubber part protects the bottom part.

New rear fenders

  • For easier and more comfortable maintenance, we equipped rear fender with new lock and release handle next to pivot point. And also with automatic lock in open position.
  • Locking pin for maximum safety and secure lock in closed position during transport.

*Please note that specifications may vary from country to country, model to model. For detail, contact your dealer.


Daylight during night shifts

  • Up to 12 LED working lights on cab.
  • Working lights on rear grid with strobe function

LED lights

For maximum convenience and performance, Doosan wheel loaders are equipped with up to 12 LED working lights on cab.

For higher pedestrian safety, working lights on rear grid are with strobe function.

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Doosan transparent bucket

  • Unique safety solution
  • No blind spot
  • Higher productivity

Transparent bucket

We believe we can provide you not only greater visibility, but an innovative experience as well, with our all new DL-7 series.

  • No blind spot whatsoever with Doosan’s unique transparent bucket
  • Transparent bucket offers the operator an extended field of vision and excellent visibility on the front of the bucket.

Doosan Smart Touch (DST)

  • An easy to read and use 8" touch screen integrates all functions in 1 place.

User-friendly and easy to read in all conditions – that’s our all new 8" touch screen. Operator can find all important settings and information in 1 place at his fingertips.

  • All in one
    • Machine settings and information
    • Rear-view camera
    • Weighing system
    • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
    • Radio & Bluetooth (music streaming, handsfree)
  • Operator help function
  • Fully adjustable position

Doosan Smart Key

  • We bring automotive standards and comfort to construction machinery

Like modern cars, use a simple and convenient smart key to unlock your cab and start the engine and your day - with ease.


  • Keyless start
  • Remote door control
    • Lock and unlock door
    • Door latch release
  • Searching function – horn and working lights
  • Coming & Leaving home function
    • Switch on working

Doosan Smart Load

  • Thanks to the new weighing system, you have production under control.

For applications requiring accurate information about material weight, we developed the Doosan Smart Load weighing system.

For easy control, all menus and settings are in Doosan Smart Touch.



  • Protect your uptime with telematics

DoosanCONNECT® Telematics is your powerful equipment diagnostic tool that monitors the health, location and productivity of your Doosan equipment from a user-friendly mobile app and website.

With DoosanCONNECT Telematics, your dealer can also see the status of your equipment and advise if your machine needs service.

Job site management

  • Monitoring of equipment location information

Work efficiency management

  • Checking of equipment operating hours and actual work hours
  • Provision of information on the current fuel status and accumulated mileage

Preventive service

  • Alarm for replacing consumables like filters and oils

Preventive maintenance

  • Enhanced automatic gauge monitoring
  • Alarm for equipment malfunction symptoms

General Purpose Buckets

General purpose

Straight side cutter, teeth, width 2550 mm 1.9 m³
Straight side cutter, Bolt-on cutting edge, width 2550 mm 2.0 m³
Performance bucket - straight side cutter, teeth, width 2550 mm 2.2 m³
Performance bucket - straight side cutter, Bolt-on cutting edge, width 2550 mm 2.2 m³

Material handling

Convex side cutter, teeth, width 2550 mm 2.2 m³
Convex side cutter, Bolt-on cutting edge, width 2550 mm 2.2 m³

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Machine Specs

Bucket capacity 2.0 m³
Tipping load 10.124 kg
Static tipping load, at 40° 8.933 kg
Length with bucket 7.208 mm
Width with bucket 2.539 mm
Height 3.313 mm
Dump height (at 45°) with bolt-on cutting edge 2.718 mm
Dump reach (at 45°) with bolt-on cutting edge 961 mm
Wheelbase 2.980 mm
Engine Perkins 1204J Stage V (4-cylinder)
Operating weight 12.047 kg
Engine power 106 kW (144 CV) @ 2000 giri/min
Breakout force 98 kN

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