Doosan Wheel Loader DL420 CVT-5 is equipped with continuously variable transmission (CVT). High loads at low engine speeds, in combination with high dynamics, are the outstanding requirements for any type of wheel loader operating cycle. DL420CVT-5 loader is your solution.

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Product Introduction

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Strong and precise hydraulic = more productivity - up to 476 l/min, pressure 310 bar.


Air pre-filter in base - Top Spin™ Donaldson® - Separates more than 99% of 20 micron and above particles.

100% lubricated = automatic lubrication system with grease point at the middle of the pin and bushing for better grease distribution.


Auto Idle and AutoShot down which improve fuel consumption (up to 10%).

Saves up to 25% of fuel in comparison with traditional powershift transmission with torque convertor.

Other CVT benefits

  • Positive impact on productivity. In truck loading application operators appreciate smoother and faster change of direction aiding productivity.
  • Continuously variable drive over the whole forward and reverse driving range.
  • High efficiency through low engine speeds, independent of vehicle speed.
  • Smooth, hydraulic start due to continuously variable power-split technology.

Operator’s comfort

  • The combination of hydrostatic parts (for high torque at low speeds and precise direction change) and mechanical parts (come to action for high travel speed) provides maximum efficiency.
  • Small difference in operation with enormous positive impact on operator comfort.
  • Continuously variable drive avoids any shifting for a smooth ride from 0 to 40 kph.
  • Hydraulic start makes approach phases or precision movements easier and more accurate.

Machine Specs

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